Romantic wedding weekend at Château De Halloy

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Jonathan and Maria celebrated their romantic wedding weekend at the Château de Halloy in Belgium, with their most inner circle of family and friends. The weekend started with a big shock when they found out, that the bridal dress got a huge oil spot during its transportation in the van. Obviously a big nightmare for every bride when you imagine that in only one day you want to marry the man of your dreams – in your dream dress which should look WHITE! After some phone calls they found a local dry cleaning with a quite relaxed Belgium lady who simply decided to throw the dress in the washing machine. And yes, luckily everything turned out good and the dress was as white as snow.

Jonathan and Maria started their wedding weekend with a worship night with a selected group of family and friends. The atmosphere was so intimate and you could experience their passion for faith, prayer and friendships. Jonathan and Maria were such a clear evidence to me that even though it’s raining, you can still have a romantic wedding weekend at Château de Halloy in Belgium! They didn’t mind the weather, had fun and enjoyed their big day to the max. And yes, right when we wanted to take pictures the rain stopped for a while. That the two love to dance they showed when the ceremony tent was redecorated into a party dance floor. They had a fantastic live band and it was almost impossible to sit still for any wedding guest. |

These two made me cry several times behind my camera. Their love is endlessly, they have a passion for God and the needs of their friends.